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Bronzong is possibly the only non-"cute" Pokémon I collect. I didn't think much of it at first, but when I was training my team for a tournament, a friend suggested that Bronzong would make a great wall. I was kind of getting sick of them after going out and catching two boxes full, until I managed to wipe out my then-boyfriend's entire team in a 3v3 battle with just my Zongzong. ♥ I love you, Zongzong! Don't ever leave me!

Page is missing the Bronzong kid because I have NO EFFIN' IDEA WHERE IT IS. D: I found the kid. :)


Korotto Manmaru UFO Catcher Bronzong
Banpresto, Japan, 2009
Bronzong was featured in the 12th movie, and this was part of the UFO catcher plush set released as a tie-in. It's the only Bronzong plush released so far! I guess it's not a Pokémon you normally think of as cute and cuddly. Acquired from Yahoo! Japan Auctions in 2009.


Bronzor/Bronzong 1/40 Scale "Zukan" Figure
Takara Tomy, Japan, 2009
The Bronzong line was released in tiny, perfect 1/40 scale as part of the 12th movie zukan set. I have two of these, purchased from dakajojo and meowthcollector on the pkmncollectors community.

Bronzong Keshipoke
Ensky, Japan, 2008
Keshipoke are tiny rubbery figures packaged blindly, and come with a Pokéball-shaped eraser. Bought from snowball21 in 2010.

Bronzong Chou Get! Gachapon Figure
Bandai, Japan, 2009
Chou get! figures come with little bases that link together. I got this one in a group buy on pkmncollectors.

Bronzong Kids Figure
Bandai, Japan, 2009
I'm still after the clear version of this - anyone want to help me out? ;)

Charms & Keychains

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Bronzong Retsuden Stamper
Ensky, Japan, 200?
Retsuden stampers are notoriously hard to find once they're out of production! Kefanii had two and agreed to trade one to me. Thanks, Kef! :D

Bronzong Mega Blok
??, Japan, ??
These Mega Bloks are kind of like Lego, with Pokémon designs! So adorable!


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Coming soon!

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