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Bzzzz! Bzzzzzzz! I'm terrified of bees in real life, but Combee just looks so harmless... and cute. I guess that's the main thread in all of my collections :P I love its versatility and how it can have three different expressions at the same time... I just wish there was more male Combee merch. :x


Korotto Manmaru Combee UFO Catcher Plush
Banpresto, Japan, 2007
Fat, soft, cute and cuddly, definitely the best Combee plush!

Jakks Combee Mini-Plush
Jakks, USA, 2008
This oddly flat bee kept being snatched up by others on the comm before I could get to it, but one of my best friends, nervous_neuron, snagged this little guy off eBay for me for my 19th birthday :D

Jakks Throw Poké Ball Combee
Jakks, USA, 2009
This little plush came with a Pokéball to stuff it into - when you throw the ball, it opens and out comes Combee! I found it a bit difficult to track one of these down, but happyjolteon managed to find me one. ♥

Banpresto Plush Cube featuring Combee
Banpresto, Japan, 2008
This plush cube features a different Pokémon on each side, but clearly the important one is Combee ;D There's another cube with Combee on it too, but I haven't managed to track that one down yet.


Combee/Vespiquen 1/40 Scale "Zukan" Figure
Takara Tomy, Japan, 2008
My Combee is a slight mispaint, there's a patch of white on her face, but she's still adorable!

Combee Kids Figures
Bandai, Japan, 2007
Combee Attack Kids Figure
Bandai, Japan, 2009
I bought the regular kids figures online, but the clear kid and the attack kid were both purchased in Japan! I found the clear kid in a tiny store in Nakano Broadway (which has tons of stores with buckets of used kids and shelves of clear ones), and the attack kid was the last one I could find at Pokémon Center Tokyo. There's no clear counterpart to the attack kid. :<

Charms & Keychains

None of these yet, do they exist? :3


Piplup/Combee Bento Eraser
??, Japan, ??
Piplup x Combee has been my OTP ever since Diamond and Pearl came out (shut up), so I was excited when I got hold of this item. It's a Combee eraser in a case designed to look like a bento (Japanese boxed meal), and the lid of the case has Piplup on it! My OTP is canon!

Combee Battrio Coin
Takara Tomy, Japan, 200?
These pucks are used to play an arcade game, named Pokémon Battrio, in Japan. The Pokéball design (red and white) indicates that Combee is a common puck.

Pokémon Medal Collection Combee
Bandai, Japan, 2007
Combee is nice and shiny on this silver-coloured metal coin.

Combee Magnets
??, ??, ??
I really don't know where these magnets are from, I believe they came in sheets or books of some kind. The small one is about the size of a fingernail!


Male Combee Figure
vaporeon_07, Australia, 2009
I don't know what it is about that little red patch, but all the official Combee merch seems to be of female Combee! To try and correct this gender imbalance, I commissioned vaporeon_07 on LiveJournal to make me this adorable male Combee figure. He's a little bit bigger than the kids and modelled on their style, with three different faces to show his versatility. ;D


Fan featuring Combee
??, Japan, 200?

Combee Kids Figure Inserts
Bandai, Japan, 2009/2007
Each boxed Pokémon Kids figure comes with a piece of ramune candy and a card or sticker. The card in the top of the picture came with the attack kid, while the sticker at the bottom came with the regular kid.

More coming soon!


Coming soon~!

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