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I loved playing with helium balloons as a little kid, and then along came Drifloon with adorable dangly heart-hands. Even better, though, was watching hot air balloons, and on a clear day we'd often see two or three as we drove to school. Drifblim is probably my second-favourite Pokémon of all; my ex insists it looks like a bruise, another friend claims it's a bruised grape (though I think this is mainly to annoy me), but in the end I just want one to carry me around in a basket.



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On The Way

Notebook featuring Drifs, Daisuki Club Drifloon balloon, Togekiss/Drifloon/Cresselia puzzle and Drifblim retsuden stamper from warandromance; cookie box featuring Drifs, Drifloon Pokémon Center bag and Drifloon/Drifblim bromides, amada stickers and playing cards from shootthetanks