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Phanpy started off as a side collection, just because I thought it was so cute. It rapidly joined my list of main collections - after all, who doesn't love a baby elephant? I've liked Phanpy ever since Ash had one in the TV show, but didn't start properly collecting it until a bit later.


Phanpy DX Pokédoll
Pokémon Center, Japan, 2005
The DX Pokédoll, sometimes affectionately referred to as "Mr. Squishy", is the pride and joy of my Phanpy collection. He's often in my arms as I use the computer. :) After I lost out on one to my friend shibahara on Y!J Auctions, it became my grail; luckily for me, another one turned up a couple of months later, and I was able to win him without too much competition!

Phanpy Pokédoll
Pokémon Center, USA, 2005
The regular versions of the DX Pokédoll above, my two Phanpy Pokédolls are both the US releases, purchased on eBay. On the left is Chamberlain, nicknamed Princess (yes, he's a boy); he was described as being in "excellent condition", but came to me very much loved with no tags, weak seams and matted fur (but I love him anyway!). Chancellor, on the right, is in much better condition; he was a gift from my dear friend meuniere!

Atsumete! Happy Mascot Phanpy
Tomy, Japan, 2002
This tiny Phanpy plush was part of a line released with the 5th movie - Phanpy was featured in the short! I have two of these so I can put one on my bag, but I haven't found a bag special enough for my baby elephant yet ♥

Yawarakai "Soft Touch" Phanpy
Banpresto, Japan, 2005
This Phanpy is definitely very soft! He's made of a towelling-type material and is wonderfully fuzzy, probably my favourite plush after the DX Pokédoll. The only problem is that his fabric does tend to pick up dirt and dust, I dropped him on the carpeted stairs in my house once and he's never quite recovered...


Phanpy/Donphan 1/40 Scale "Zukan" Figure
Tomy Yujin Europe, Europe, 2007/8?
This is the regular evolution set Phanpy zukan. There's another one that has Phanpy, but I don't have it yet.

Phanpy TOMY Figure (Bootleg?)
Takara Tomy/Some Chinese Bootlegger, Japan/China, ??
I think my Phanpy TOMY is a bootleg, albeit a pretty good one. I'm after a legit one, so let me know if you're looking to sell!

Phanpy Kids Figure
Bandai, Japan, 2001
Phanpy suffers from horrible same-pose syndrome, and even the new Phanpy kid was a re-release. :( I'm on the lookout for the clear kid!

Phanpy Minicot
??, Japan, 2005
Minicots are tiny chibified/Pokédoll-esque figures! Phanpy has the number 35 on the bottom of its base.

Phanpy Suction Figure
??, Japan, ??
Just a Phanpy on a suction cup. :)

Phanpy V-Trainer Figure
Hasbro, USA, 2002
He has metal contacts in the bottom so you can clip him into the V-Trainer electronic game!

Phanpy Jakks Figure
Jakks, USA, 2007
Jakks made some lovely big heavy Pokémon figures, including this slightly misshapen Phanpy. :'D

Unknown Phanpy Figure
??, Japan?, ??
I have no idea what this tiny guy is. Maybe he's from a playset?

Charms & Keychains

Phanpy/Donphan HGSS Pokédex 256 Charms
Pokémon Center, Japan, 2009
These are lovely and sturdy metal charms with their HGSS Pokédex numbers stamped on the back.

Phanpy Zipper Pull
??, Japan, ??
A lovely zipper pull in full colour.


Phanpy Wap
??, Europe, ??
I don't know what this really is, I am told it's from a stacking game!


None yet!


Coming soon~


Coming soon~

On The Way

Metal coin from knienke, other stuff I can't remember >_>