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The sheep line is my favourite Poké line, and Ampharos is my favourite Pokémon ever! Unfortunately, many other people feel the same way, so I've faced a lot of stiff competition in gathering what you see here. Mareep is my second favourite in this line, and while I collect Flaaffy as well, I don't like it quite as much as the other two sheep (although it's still one of my favourites! It's probably just because it's very... pink). I honestly have no idea why I love this line so much, I don't like real sheep...


Once my Buruburu Mareep arrives next week, I will have a complete collection of sheep line plush, at least until the Ampharos UFO catcher is released!

Ampharos Lottery Plush
Banpresto, Japan, 2000
This was my grail for a very long time. Ampharos is my favourite Pokémon, and plush are my favourite things to collect, but the one Ampharos plush was released in a lottery and it was so rare! Eventually one showed up in a small lot on Yahoo! Japan, and kiraras_lemon helped me get it as I didn't have a middleman account at that time. It was, at the time, the most I'd ever paid for a Pokémon item, or a plush in general, but given how rarely it turns up it was definitely worth it. ♥

Onemuri Makura DX UFO Flaaffy
Banpresto, Japan, 2001
It took me quite a while to get my hands on this sleepy pillow plush! I was outbid on eBay and then missed a couple on the pkmncollectors community. Luckily for me, kefanii held the next one that turned up for me, and I was able to purchase her from regen for a very reasonable price, perfectly mint with tag and plastic wrapping (which I removed)!


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Buruburu Mareep plush, Flaaffy coin from knienke, various customs