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I really like turtles and tortoises. My brother and I have been collecting them since we were four and six years old respectively. But I've never been able to fall in love with any of the turtle or tortoise Pokémon... Squirtle's adorable, but there's so much derp and ugly merch of him, and I'm not huge on his line. I'm likewise not the biggest fan of Torkoal and the Turtwig line. Shuckle, though... despite his resemblance to a tortoise, Shuckle is in fact based on a bug! But the resemblance is good enough for me, and how can you resist that adorable little face?


There are no official Shuckle plush, unfortunately :( I'm hoping to get a custom at some stage, though! I already have some ideas. :D


Shuckle 1/40 Scale "Zukan" Figure
Takara Tomy, Japan, 2009
The Shuckle zukan comes in the same capsule as Misdreavus and Mismagius, so I asked the sellers of these beauties to separate! :)

Shuckle Kids Figure
Bandai, Japan,
Look how adorable and shuckley he is! I'm hardcore after the clear version of this kid too, I've only seen it once and we lost the group auction it was in. :(

Charms & Keychains

Shuckle Metal Swing Keychain
??, Japan, ??
Every 1st and 2nd generation Pokémon has at least one metal swing keychain, but the 2nd generation ones are extremely rare, so I was very lucky to be able to win not one but two of these in auctions on the community with no competition. One was still mint in its packet, the other was already loose, so it's perfect for me to have one I can display and one to keep safe.

Shuckle HGSS Pokédex 256 Charms
Pokémon Center, Japan, 2009
I have five of these. Why do I have five of these? Well, for one thing, Shuckle has so little merchandise that I tend to double up when I can. Also, I'm kind of... collectionist. Think Konata from Lucky Star. But worse. One of these lives on my keychain so I can have a Shuckle with me all the time!


"Pikachu in Love" Pokémon Reader
Scholastic, USA, 2003
This book is a reader for little kids, based on the Shuckle episode. It's full of adorable screenshots from the anime!

Shuckle Papercraft
??, Japan, ??
I was tossing up on whether to put this in the flats section or the misc section, but he's constructed at the moment so he can go here! If I took him apart he'd have to go in the flats section. Just a Shuckle model made out of thin card!


I don't have any yet, but I do plan on getting some!


Shuckle Menko/Battle Tablet
??, Japan, ??
Menkos are used by children to play a game in Japan, much like Tazos.

Shuckle vs. Tyrogue Vs Card
??, Japan, ??
This series of cards features unique battle artwork. Here Shuckle is battling with a Tyrogue!

Shuckle Pan Stickers
??, Japan, ??
These clingy-type stickers come packaged randomly with special buns and cakes in Japan. The buns are delicious, too!

Shuckle Amada Stickers
??, Japan, ??

"Pikachu and Pichu" pencilboard featuring Shuckle
??, Japan, 2000
This is an item featuring scenes/art from the 3rd movie short, which had a Shuckle in it!

"Pikachu and Pichu" postcard featuring Shuckle
??, Japan, 2000
Another item featuring a scene from the 3rd movie short, which had a Shuckle in it!


Coming soon!

On The Way

Another Shuckle swing keychain from unknownrevenge, Shuckle Tomy figure from japax