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I love Vileplume's adorable little face peeking out from under its huge flower, but I'm not sure what the trigger for me collecting it was. Perhaps it was the Erika's Vileplume holo card in the Erika deck my friends got for me in a showbag, the year I was meant to go to the Show with them but my lift piked. :'D


Vileplume UFO Catcher Plush
Banpresto, Japan, 1999
These are quite large plush with adorable faces! I like to stack them up on each other... one day I plan to get more and have a Vileplume tower! I bought one online and later traded for the other one with shuriken_chan. :)

Vileplume Friends Plush
Bandai, Japan, 1998
A small, fuzzy and cute Vileplume plush. Just a standard friends plush, nothing much to say about this one. :)

Vileplume Bell Plush
Banpresto, Japan, 1997
I believe this was the first Vileplume plush made! Bell plush are tiny, shiny and very sought-after by collectors; they are also pretty rare! Vileplume is a grass-type Pokémon so she has a green bell and elastic. Her flower is also oddly misshapen.


Oddish/Gloom/Vileplume/Bellossom 1/40 Scale "Zukan" Figure
Takara Tomy, Japan, ??
As one of the older zukan, Vileplume is a bit difficult to find! I won this one in a group auction. The extra Vileplume zukan piece came in a trade from shuriken_chan. His flower comes off! I really like this figure, it's so happy and \o/.

Vileplume TOMY Figures
Tomy, USA/Japan, ??
The one on the left was in the showbag I mentioned right at the top of the page! It was the US release and came with Gloom, plus pogs of both Pokémon that I can't seem to find. o_o The one on the right is the Japanese release, which I picked up from the comm. They're the same really, except that one has part of the copyright stamp in Chinese and the other in English... also, the US one has some paint loss where I used to put it in the Masterball it came with and throw it around like I was a POKéMON MASTER. Uh. Yeah.

Vileplume Kids Figures
Bandai, Japan, 1997
I still haven't gotten a perfect-condition Vileplume kid, so I pick them up where I can - I suspect I have another one either on its way or hanging around somewhere. The clear kid I snagged pretty cheaply from my friend shibahara!

Vileplume Full Color Stadium Figure (Baseless)
Bandai, Japan, ??
I lack a base for this FCS figure but I have a brand new one coming to me soon!

Orange Vileplume Mini-Model
Bandai?, Japan, ??
I don't know the exact name of this figure, but it uses the same mould as the FCS above, except with no hole for a base. I know there are lots of other colours out there too, but I've only ever seen a purple one, and haven't managed to get hold of any!

Vileplume Pencil Sharpener
??, USA, ??
Lack of details mostly because I can't be bothered going to my room right now XD Does what it says on the packet. The hole is right in the middle of Vileplume's flower!

Southern Islands Vileplume Playset Figure
??, Japan, ??
The Vileplume featured in the Southern Islands line (in the anime and some merchandise) has a different colouring and pattern to the normal one - the flower is orange with red rings, instead of the usual red with white spots. This is a tiny figure, I believe from a playset.

Vileplume Burger King Keychain
Burger King, USA, ??
Quite possibly the ugliest Vileplume thing ever made :'D Look at the derpface! I think of him more as a figure than a keychain, which is why he's here.

Charms & Keychains

Oddish/Gloom/Vileplume/Bellossom HGSS Pokédex 256 Charms
Pokémon Center, Japan, 2009
Like the rest of the Johtodex Pokémon, Vileplume got a charm in this promotion. The one on the right usually lives on my keychain, but graciously agreed to step out for this photo.

Vileplume Gold and Silver Zipper Pulls
??, Japan, ??
Judging by the colours and the Pokémon in this series, they were released around the time of Gold and Silver. These are tiny, adorable, double-sided metal zipper pulls. The one on the left is gold-coloured, and the one on the right is silver. It's kind of hard to see in the photo, I need to take one with a different kind of lamp. (THE HALOGEN LAMP'S LIGHT LOOKED WHITE OKAY)

Vileplume Metal Keychains
??, Japan, ??
Again, I don't know the exact name of these medallion-style keychains, but they're cute, double-sided and amazingly sturdy - I've had a spare on my bag for ages! These are the silver and bronze versions, and the very rare gold version is joining me soon!


Vileplume Mega Blok
??, Japan, ??
A Lego-style Vileplume block!

Vileplume Glow-in-the-Dark Thing
??, USA, ??
What do you call glow-in-the-dark things exactly, anyway? I love glow-in-the-dark, I love Vileplume, so of course I love this! I saw it in a packet of different Pokémon that toda had for the Gastly in a collection update, and she offered to sell it to me for just a few cents! Thank you, toda!

Vileplume Miniature Sugar Jar
Bandai, Japan, ??
I think this is a sugar jar, at least... I can't keep track of all these tea set pieces >_<. This Vileplume jar is part of a miniature Pokémon tea set, and the Chansey teapot from the same set is also in my collection!

Vileplume Marbles
??, USA, ??
These come in a range of colours, but I only have the green and yellow ones. I'd love to get the others!

Vileplume Metal Coin
??, Japan, ??
I thought I had this a couple of times but it slipped through my fingers. I managed to get it eventually! Judging by the markings, I think it's used for some kind of battle game, but I don't know what.

Vileplume Pin
??, Japan, ??
Pokémon TCG Rainbow Badge
Pokémon USA, USA, 2006/7
Vileplume Pokémon Center 151 Badge
Pokémon Center, Japan, ??
I keep my pins on cardboard so I can display them easily XD. The top Vileplume pin came from a set with a pin of Erika and a Rainbow Badge. I'd like to get my hands on the whole set one day. The Rainbow Badge I have in there because Erika has a Vileplume, and the 151 badge has some of my favourite artwork ever!

Vileplume TCG Coin
Wizards of the Coast, USA, 199?
This Vileplume coin came with some of the early trading card game preconstructed decks. It's not really a coin, being made of plastic, and it doesn't flip very well... actually, these are banned for tournament play. :'D

Roseart Vileplume Stamp
Roseart, USA, ??
They made the whole first generation of Pokémon in these tiny stamps.


None yet!


Southern Islands Vileplume Lenticular Card
Meiji, Japan, ??
This was hard to take a photo of >_< I hope you can get the idea! Again, this item features the differently-coloured Southern Islands Vileplume. It animates when you move the card.

More coming soon!


Coming soon~

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