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welcome to drifbl.im!

This is jedi_amara's Pokémon collection site; feel free to come in and have a browse around :)

This site is optimised for a 1024x768 screen resolution. It should work fine in anything wider, but the menus will look weird in anything narrower, sorry! Also, parts of the layout may break in IE, though they should work in Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox 3.5+. I encourage you to not use IE if you can help it, and to upgrade your browsers to the latest version!

I'm 20 years old and have loved Pokémon since I was 10, when they released small lenticular cards in chip packets to promote Pokémon Stadium! I started collecting seriously when I was about 17, and this site showcases my favourite collections! I have a lot more than what's shown on the site - in particular, I collect plush as well as specific Pokémon, and I had to give them their own room because they wouldn't fit in mine - but the site just displays my main collections, and a couple of sides. :)

None of this stuff is for sale, but I'm always happy to give you more information on anything I have, and maybe even point you to where you might be able to find it!




2010-02-10 Non-flat Vileplumes are up! There were more of them than I realised. o_o

2010-02-09 Added non-flat Combee, Phanpy, Bronzong and Shuckle items! I'm working on the smallest sections first. XD There are some flats up, but mostly they're still lurking in folders.

2010-02-08 Got a layout up, and a few minor details!


I'm often looking for more things of my favourite Pokémon! If you have anything of the Pokémon featured on this site that I don't have, feel free to contact me. I do have a more specific wantlist over here. Right now I'm trying to save up a bit for the two new Togekiss plushies and Togekiss figure that are coming out, as well as the Ampharos UFO (!!!) and March Piplup Pokémon Center promotion!


If you have your own Pokémon collection site and would like to exchange links with me, send me a LJ PM! :)